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CaMe (Kids Safety Phone)

CaMe, An excellent product from Thinture. Kids phone with 2 way communication. This device is small enough to keep inside a pocket or inside the school bag. you can add 3 phone numbers to the device as registered numbers. In an emergency, the child can press and hold the switch on the device for 5 seconds, and CaMe will call all numbers one by one till somebody picks up. 


Thinture GPS tracking system is designed and developed in-house. We have tested the device extensively and made it highly reliable. This system, GS-07 have many high end features attached to it. With the help of high gain internal antennas, GS-07 can track a vehicle with high accuracy.


Shield is a rider safety device,designed developed and manufactured by Thinture. You can add your best friends to Shield, so that they can help you, in case you are in trouble.without compromising your privacy ,Shield provides effective protection to you, while you are riding a Shield installed two-wheeler/car. 


Our road speed limiter helps in controlling the vehicle speed at a programmable set speed. It is available in  single speed & dual speed, electronic pedal interface and fuel solenoid type. This road speed limiter ensures full power to engine by reducing fuel flow to engine.


Speed - Eye II can record the top speed data of a driving vehicle every minute for more than 5 days. The data can be fetched by using a normal USB flash disk. Enforcement authorities can use the information to check tampering.

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